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David Dellanave did a post today titled How Much Would You Pay To Use Google where he showed his Google Web Activity Calendar for January in an attempt to show how valuable Google is to him. However, that calendar is a representation of all web activity while logged into your Google account, not just a representation of your search activity, as shown below.

Here is my web activity calendar for January:

Google Web Activity Calendar

As you can see, the 29th falls in the 51-100 group. Looking at my web history, I had just over 90 items. Of these 90, only 12 were searches (which are designated in your history with “Searched For” and then the phrase you searched). For those that need proof, see my web history for the 29th here. And yes, I did search “send shit” and “send elephant shit”.

If the Calendar was only representative of the searches I did in a day, the 29th would fall in the 1-25 group and would be more of a light 70′s appliances green than the darker green it is now (Google obviously doesn’t care about the red/green color blind folks out there, eh?). So, that and the fact that the calendar is titled Web Activity, not Search Activity leads me to believe that the calendar shows overall web usage. Therefore, in order to really prove how valuable Google is in this sense, we’d need to analyze actual search volume, not overall activity. I think that having the option to just display search activity on the calendar would be a great addition and great way for people to see the value of Google in their daily lives.

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  1. david says:

    You’re right Pam. I swear when it first came out it was searches only. You can turn off saving your web history completely, but I like that feature. I agree that being able to switch the calendar would be good.

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