Things Very Rich People and Very Poor People Have in Common

1. Drinking in the afternoon: Rich people have a glass of wine or scotch with lunch or some drinks on the golf course.  Poor people drink 40′s on the front porch.

Drinking on the Porch

2. Not working for weeks on end: Rich people are retired or have people who run their companies for them.  Poor people either can’t find work or choose to live off government benefits.

3. Driving really old cars: Rich people buy old cars and fix them up so they are “classics”.  Poor people can’t afford to drive any car made in the last 3 decades.

4. Naming their kids after the father: Rich people have many children all named Kinglsey (the 3rd, 4th, 5th). Poor people have many children all named Ray Bob, Jr.

5. Showering outdoors: Rich people have beach houses with outdoor showers to rinse off the sand after they’ve been on the beach.  Homeless people use broken fire hydrants, fountains or outdoor faucets to wash up.

6. Large families: Rich people breed to carry on their legacy. Poor people breed to get more welfare.

7. Eating very small food portions: Rich people pay loads of money for gourmet meals that consist of small portions that leave you hungry.  Poor people have to ration their food supply and therefore eat small meals.

8. Thrift stores: Rich people shop at thrift stores for “vintage” clothing.  Poor people shop at thrift stores for anything they can afford.

9. Getting things for free: Rich people get things for free because companies want them to recommend the products to their rich friends.  Poor people get things for free from charity.

10. Depression: Rich people are depressed because they are bored and it’s trendy. Poor people are depressed because, well, they’re poor.

If you have more things rich people and poor people have in common, please leave them in the comments below.  Thanks!

35 Responses to “Things Very Rich People and Very Poor People Have in Common”

  1. jcblitz says:

    They both never have anything to wear.

  2. collendubose says:

    they are both REPUBLICAN: rich people vote to protect their money with corporate crony`ism…and poor people buy the pile of sh%t sold to them from the squaking heads on the networks and newspapers the rich man controls….

  3. augidog says:

    they both always want “more” than they have now.

  4. thatpamchick says:

    Hahaha that's perfect!

  5. tehdines says:

    rich people smell terrible with there cologne and perfume. poor people just smell

  6. chrispyhotpockets says:

    Rich people like to go in boats, like to Cuba and Vietnam. Poor people like to go in boats, like from Cuba and Vietnam

  7. danrogers says:

    This is funny and sad all at the same time.

  8. name13425657879 says:

    Sorry, but that was lame…

  9. Jeff says:

    ummmm. No. Lots of super rich people are Democrats. The squaking heads work for the media which is 99% Left biased. Very little right wing media in the main stream. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC. All left leaning.

    Facts would really help you out.

  10. mat says:

    rich people sleep in tents/sleeping bags and call it camping
    poor people sleep in tents/sleeping bags because it's all they can afford

  11. antdogcat says:

    i think that could be said for any demographic. not just the rich and poor.

  12. fesfsad says:

    Traditionally speaking the rich have always leaned to the Right Wing…stop trying to be a smart ass.

  13. valeriereilly says:

    omg i love you where have you been all my life?
    come have a cocktail w me on my blog.

  14. Advocate says:

    You mean stereotypically speaking. A stereotype is not a proof, and Jeff just offered a pretty good counterargument.

  15. phillip says:

    no he offer a talking point that bears no relation to reality

  16. Sam says:

    since when was Fox, the single most popular news outlet in the country and also the most blatantly right-leaning, only 1% of the media?

    Facts would really help you out.

    • i_prefer_2_be_annonymus_thanks says:

      well if both rich and poor people are republicans then what are democrats? i think middle class will do for them.
      Random observation: i notice that in the US, what we sometimes call poor people are just middle class. Kind of wierd but i dislike that we’re all so rich in this country. I dunno. it just kinda makes us snobby

  17. Lucid says:

    The media companies are only as liberal as the conservative businessmen that own them.

  18. kaustubh9 says:

    smoking factor:rich women smokes in parites and poor women smokes working on fields,there is always a property fight between to rich cousiens same with the poor family they keep on figthing on wat ever little they have to get the most of it.

  19. Al Bumen says:

    I agree with Jeff. And kaustubh9, learn to write, what the heck are you talking about? "women smokes in parites" and "poor women smokes working on fields". Also "rich cousiens" and "wat ever"(?) No one is going to listen to you as long as you can't read and write. If you're going to put something out there for millions on the web to see at least be half-way intelligent about it.

  20. Ryan says:

    I think we should all get naked and vote independant.

  21. Guy says:

    leave it to some net fag flamers to turn a funny column into another political discussion. We get it, youre (right or left) wing. Good for you, douche.

  22. Poor College Girl says:

    Not funny. Choosing to point out only the negative aspects of the lives of poor people is pretty tasteless.

  23. bebob says:

    rich people are much cooler and poor people are much poorer

  24. bebob says:

    actually my last statment was very intelligent thing to say
    if u read it without out the idea of money in it
    and use what i said in the context of well being and over all out look on life
    u know the poor person could be rich and be very poor to talk to and have a poor out look on life
    as could the rcih person be very poor but have a happy go lucky life and very rich to talk to and have a good out look on life
    its all in contex or the perception from the beholder

  25. bebob says:

    i said everything in the last comment backwards i dont know how i managed that
    there is some alchool involved but some how i stated my hole point in the backwards forumula

  26. Adam Moro says:

    I can’t think of anything. Dammit.

  27. ashish says:

    both rich and poor are because of their wealth and poor because they have nothing to loose

  28. Jill says:

    Old rich people with demensia are called eccentric, poor
    people are called crazy.

  29. izzy says:

    They both feel entitled. If something is wrong with their housing neither care the cost, just want it fixed now.

  30. Armani Benz says:

    Rich or poor, they have brains. And they both choose to do the opposite from each other.

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